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Are you a dancer or a performer looking for flexible work between contracts?

I've been there, in the position where you are auditioning; between contracts and looking to earn money in the meantime. When starting the Shake brand and Shake instructor franchise model, one of my ambitions was to help performers and dancers in particular to find work that can bring them an income, as well as bringing them the enjoyment and utilisation of their training simultaneously.

Why serve tables, when you can serve the ladies of your local community a dollop of sass, self confidence and empowerment?

Why serve cocktails when you can bring escapism through your dance fitness classes?

Why work behind a counter, when your real passion is to work with people on their mental and physical well being?!

Afterall, training to become a dancer is no easy feat; I know this from experience. So why let that training diminish? Becoming a Shake instructor will keep up your stamina, strength, fitness and will give you an outlet to keep your love of dance alive. Share your passion and enthusiasm of dancing to brilliant music (of your choice) with the ladies of your local community!

What's more, is this is a job that you can take with you! Moving area? Launch sessions in your new destination. Got a job on a Cruise ship? Use your certification to take our Shake sessions onboard! Decided to leave the performing industry, but would love to keep dipping your toes in your performing career? Launch a Shake class for your work colleagues or set up a session during an evening or weekend!

Becoming a Shake instructor is SO flexible; decide your own working hours, charge your own desired fee, launch one or 5 sessions a week, choose your desired venue, decide the dates you can/cannot do, there's no need to request your holidays in this line of work! The beauty of the self employment is the flexibility and control over what you do and what you don't do, it's all up to you!

Another flexible aspect of Shake in comparison to other brands, is that you are able to use your own choreography, put your own stamp on your own follow-along dance routines and choose your own music choices. That's not to say you can't use our monthly pre choreographed routines, our editable marketing materials and our monthly song suggestions to guide you too.

So if this level of flexibility sounds good to you (no flexible dancer pun intended) then we would love to hear from you at, or you can also take a look at our website at

Best wishes!


Shake, By Samantha™

P.s please note, you do not need to be a professional dancer to come on board our team :)

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