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We at Shake, By Samantha™ are super excited to be brand partners with Pura Project Clothing, find out all about them below:


We are a small brand with a lot of heart! Originally started by two friends who shared a passion for clothing and fitness. From a pipe dream sitting in Starbucks with a laptop to a reality, we have steadily been growing ever since. We understand that for many fitness is part of mental health and the two go hand in hand.


PURA’s mission is dedicated to advancing the physical and mental fitness of everyday people, inspiring self-confidence and limitless motivation through performance driven design since 2018. Our mission is to bring the best quality garments at affordable prices, making them accessible to the many.


Headquartered in North Wales, United Kingdom and supported by a nationwide community of over 10k athletes. Bringing inspiration and innovation to every athlete. If you are striving for a goal, you are an athlete!


Our tagline is "Brand of the Many", which is something we take pride in and stand by in every decision we make. When a garment is purchased, you are a member of our team and our family. Each decision is made with you in mind.


We have been part of this industry since 2018 and have survived a nationwide lockdown. We are strong advocates of fitness and mental well-being. we're proud to be here standing among some of the greats in the industry.



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