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Choose between Online or Group Training

Enroll in our Instructor Memberships after finishing your Shake Training Program. Below are the options available to you:

  • Yearly Plan: Choose to pay once a year

  • Monthly Plan: Choose to pay on a monthly basis

Both options offer three packages:

  • Standard Package

  • Premium Package

  • Deluxe Package

We offer an instructor incentive programme: refer a friend to sign up to our training and receive discount on your own monthly membership!

  • Most Popular

    Online Training

    Flexible Online Training-Become a Shake™ Instructor
    • Detailed and flexible training program provided
    • 60 days to complete
    • Run your own business and to be part of a growing brand
    • Your first class fully choreographed for you
    • All first class music downloadable from website
    • Venue picking and first class guides
    • Support from an experienced team
    • Fantastic profits alongside a great work/life balance
    • Training program is accessible online, anytime
    • An all-inclusive, all-access community
    • Stand out from the crowd and other dance fitness providers
    • Achieve the personal success you deserve!
  • Group Training

    Contact us to learn about the upcoming in-person training dates
    • Take a Shake class with the brand creator in-person!
    • Gain valuable insights from our friendly experienced team
    • Conveniently complete the training in one day
    • Opportunity to ask your queries face to face
    • Chance to network & collaborate with other Shake Instructors
    • Avoid filming and sending videos
    • Discount on merchandise orders placed on the day
    • Opportunity to get professional photography/video footage
    • Work as a group on choreography and open test sections
    • Live Q&A session with immediate feedback
    • Printed bundle and booklet of resources to take home
    • Friendly, encouraging and non-intimidating
  • Standard Monthly

    Every month
    Subscription Plan for Self-employed Instructors on a Monthly Basis
    • Certification
    • Choreography Videos provided every month
    • Bonus themed routines and classes given throughout the year
    • Music suggestions provided every month
    • Marketing Materials ready for you to use updated monthly
    • Pre-designed banners, business cards and flyers
    • Instructor's Guides/EMD UK support
    • Chat Forum Access with other instructors
    • Online Store Discounts
    • Buy and sell our merchandise for a profit
    • Get guidance from our blogs
    • Resources from the national governing body of group exercise
    • Discounts from our brand partners Sound Dynamics LTD
    • 10% Discount off with our partners Pura Project Clothing
    • Useful links provided i.e music license links
    • Use of our trailer of the class to share and promote
    • Instructor Whatsapp, Facebook groups and Zooms
    • Risk Assessment template provided
    • Easily accessible policies and terms and conditions
    • Extra Opportunities available i.e hosting conventions
    • Transform the lives of hundreds of women
    • Huge sense of women empowerment for you and your clients
  • Premium Monthly

    Every month
    Premium Monthly Subscription for Self-employed instructors
    • All of the benefits of the Standard Package Plus:
    • Advertisement on our website
    • Use of our booking system
    • Use of our mobile booking app-work from anywhere
    • Easy access to class registers
    • Stay secure and collect health and safety data from clients
    • Peace of mind that terms and conditions accepted by clients
    • Easily contact all of your clients in one click of a button
    • Access to the calendar-clients can see if classes are on/off
    • Clients booking through the website can join loyalty program
    • Ability to link clients to our professional website and app
    • Easily track class attendee numbers
  • Deluxe Monthly

    Every month
    Maximise your benefits with our deluxe membership
    • All the benefits of the standard and premium packages plus:
    • Boosted social media advertisement on our official pages
    • Promotional support
    • Get a 'flag' on our class map with a link to your details
    • Optional 1-1 Zoom meetings with Samantha to discuss queries
  • Standard Annual

    Every year
    Save money with a Annual Plan for Self-employed instructors
    • Save money by paying annually
    • Please see everything listed in the standard monthly plan
  • Premium Annual

    Every year
    Save money with a Annual Plan for Self-employed instructors
    • Save money by paying annually
    • Please see everything listed in annual monthly membership
  • Deluxe Annual

    Every year
    Save money with a Annual Plan for Self-employed instructors
    • Save money by paying annually
    • Please see everything listed in deluxe monthly membership
  • Gym Online Training

    Gyms training instructors online only
    • Applies when a gym pays for an instructor to do training
    • Fee for online training only
    • Brings a brand new class to the gym timetable
    • Appeal to a wider range of clients with Shake dance fitness
    • A class suited for a huge variety of ages
    • Offer your clients more for their money with new classes
    • Keep your timetable fresh
    • Offer your instructors more training opportunities
    • Ongoing support provided from Shake Dance Fitness
  • Gym In person Train

    Gyms training Instructors in-person training
    • Please see everything listed in group training
    • Gyms to get in touch to organise dates
  • Gym Instructor month

    Every month
    Monthly subscription fee for gym instructors
    • Applies where a gym pays for the instructors subscription
    • Please see all benefits listed in standard monthly
  • Gym Instructor Annua

    Annual fee for gym instructors when paid by the gym
    • Save money by paying annually
    • Please see everything listed in annual monthly membership
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