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What does the Group In-Person Training involve?

So you'd love to come onboard as a Shake Instructor, what does it take?

Our Group In-Person Training Program is interactive, informative and of course, fun.

Achieve your certification in just one day, network and collaborate with Shake trainers and other instructors too!

Gain valuable knowledge and personal support before you launch your very own Shake, By Samantha


  • An introduction to Shake, By Samantha

  • Meet your trainer and the Shake creator

  • Meet other like-minded instructors

Discounted Merchandise

  • Shop our branded merchandise at a discounted rate

  • Purchase your Shake top ready for your first class!


  • Our live face-to-face questions and answer session will give you the chance to ask any questions and give your feedback too!

Take a Shake class

  • Opportunity to take part in a Shake class taken by the brand creator

  • Experience first hand the joy of Shake and what our branded classes are all about!

  • Feel inspired for your future classes


  •  Work in groups to choreograph and create routines with our choreography section

  • Use the tips given in our Training manual to guide you


  • Receive a super exciting and informative bundle to take home and help you on your way to launch your classes!


  • Your trainer will guide you through the Instructor Manual, presentation style

  • Get an understanding of our values, ethos and aims

  • Instant access to  choreography ideas

  • Gain knowledge on creating classes

Open Book

  • Take our presentation-style questionnaire as a group, to identify your understanding of the brand, recapping everything learnt throughout the day

Website Access

  • See all of the benefits of the Premium and Deluxe packages on our registration page

The training process:

Contribute to society and share your passion and love for dance, music, exercise and feeling positive with others.

  • Pay just £25.00* per month or annually for £250.00

  • *Price of Standard Monthly Membership

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