Why become a Shake Instructor?

If you are looking to enjoy your job, be challenged, inspired and involved-look no further.

By becoming a Shake Instructor you will no doubt have an impact and touch on other peoples lives, you could even change someones life!


  • Qualification certification.

  • No long training.

  • No excessive renewal of qualifications.

  • Training checklists provided.

Music Suggestions

  • Links to obtain a music license and everything you will need for classes.

  • New playlists and song suggestions every month.

  • Download all your first class songs.

Free use of our website

  • List classes on our website for extra promotion.

  • Use our booking system for free and access class registers via our app.

  • Stay organised with online booking information all in one place.


  • Easily accessible policies and terms and conditions to refer to at any time.

  • Choosing a venue guide.

Increased profits

  • More clients and cashflow. 

  • Train and earn extra alongside your current job(s).

  • Inexpensive monthly payments.

New Routines

  • Learn the choreography in your own time.

  • Keep classes fresh; new routines accessible online anytime.


  • Access to our Chat Forum; share tips, tricks and network with other Shake Instructors.


  • Feel part of a community and help other like-minded instructors with their Shake experience. 

  • Promote your other teaching ventures.

  • Get guidance from our blogs.

First Class

  • Your first downloadable class choreographed ready.

  • No previous dance qualifications needed.

  • First class choreography notes.

  • Tips & Tricks Pack.

Marketing Materials

  • Downloadable templates and logos to help you promote.

  • Your own instructor's page for your content and classes.

  • Video trailer of the class to share and promote.


Risk Assesment

  • Risk Assessment template provided.

Join the team and have access to:

Contribute to society and share your passion and love for dance, music, exercise and feeling positive with others.

  • Pay just £20.00 per month or annually for £200.00

  • Registration fee, and online training fee before monthly subscriptions commence.