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How can you support Shake?

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

There are SO MANY ways you can give support for your Shake instructors all of which is always very much appreciated and goes a long way! Infact, you are not only supporting your instructor, you can also help so many people by referring our sessions; both mentally and physically!

What actions can you take to support us? How about the following:

Do you travel further afield with work or on socials? How about you take a few of our Shake Instructor recruiting flyers and display them in locations we wouldn't usually be able to reach? This will help us to take Shake, By Samantha beyond its current regions and will spread the joy of Shake even further. Just pop us a message and we'll get the flyers to you!

How else can you help?

  • Share our social media posts

  • Share our social media posts into any groups that we can't access i.e slimming world groups, friend whatsapp groups, any business groups or around your work colleagues

  • Recommend to others in person

  • Leave us a review on Facebook or Google

  • Follow our Instagram account @shakedancefitness

  • Put flyers in workplaces, staff rooms, in venues you attend outside of work

  • Tag us in your social media posts of class selfies, step targets, any goals achieved

  • Tag us in any TikTok videos

  • Give us constructive feedback if you think there are areas we can improve!

We at Shake, By Samantha™ believe the joy of dancing to great music is universal; our classes uplift, motivate, inspire and save people from their busy minds and lifestyles. The more people that benefit from our sessions, the better.

The joy spreads further than the person next to you in class....that person goes home happier....that person is kinder to their spouse....their spouse is then happier with their work colleague....the work colleague is uplifted and inspired to be kinder to the next person......SEE? The power of our Shake classes can be unbelievable, and with your help, the ripple can travel even further.

Thank you for your support always,


Shake, By Samantha™

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