The Journey

Updated: Jul 6

Ok, so this is something new. How exciting, thrilling and scary! But what has been the journey to here? After all, that's the most important part in my mind, the journey to the destination, rather than the destination itself. Lets delve in...

As a young girl I had two dreams. 1. Open my own dance school. 2. Run fitness classes. At 27 I have managed to achieve both and I guess I am looking for my next adventure!

After performing all of my life I have hungered for the last few years to find an idea to bring to life, to work hard at and watch develop. I've put many an idea out there (some pretty hilarious ones) for them all to slowly disintegrate from my mind and thoughts.

This idea though, I just haven't been able to Shake ;)

I've called to the universe, to bring something my way that I truly believe I can achieve. I asked out for an idea to just simply come my way, an "aha" moment and a "I'm going to try it!" worthy project. I think I have found it, and I am ready to give it my best shot!

After performing and dancing all of my life I am so happy in this part of my journey. I have danced all over the world, lived on cruise ships, (still can't believe that sometimes!) I have gained my teaching qualifications and started a business venture opening up my own dance school. It is the business venture that has made me feel most alive, it gets me out of bed in the morning, and I've got a bug for it.

Starting Shake does not mean my dance school has been put on hold or will not continue to expand. If anything I believe going forward with this new project supports my ethos at Samantha Dene's Dance in building self-esteem in my students to show them to go for their dreams and to go forward in life doing something they really enjoy. Both projects support the growth mindset ethos I like to practise in my own path.

So to round things up and keep things short, the journey has only just started. I am so excited for this venture and to hopefully motivate, encourage and spread positivity amongst many. Let's see where it takes us, together.

I guess I should end by saying please support my journey, spread the word, get involved, trial a class, tell your friends, notice someone struggling mentally? Refer them to try a class! Have an idea where I can expand and network my new business venture? Want to have a positive effect on the lives of others? Sign up to become a Shake Instructor! Let me know!

I will see you soon at one of my classes or trainings and we can SHAKE it together.

Samantha x

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