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'Shake' is a dance-based fitness workout and franchise designed to allow adults of all ages and abilities to shake off their stress, a bad day, their worries and negative emotions. Through Shake dance fitness, women can build confidence, strength, and community with others who share their interests.

Shake Dance fitness can be a great form of escapism, allowing you to get lost in the music and movement. It provides a fun and enjoyable way to exercise, helping to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Alongside the mental health benefits the class also offers a full body workout enabling you to shake off any undesired weight and tone up. 

Simply follow the instructor as you dance to a variety of high-vibe music; picking up the routines as the music repeats, feel your confidence increase from week to week! 

Want to become an instructor? Check out the multiple benefits including becoming your own boss, flexible working and training and extra income opportunities HERE.

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Build strength not only physically but mentally too

Lose any undesired weight and learn to love your body

Try something new and meet like minded people



Join our community of Shake Instructors and be the first to bring this exhilarating dance fitness class to a venue near you.

The most affordable, accessible, and flexible online training program.

In person trainings available for those who wish to gain their certification in just 6.5hrs!


Inspire, deliver and thrive!



Alison Davies

"Shake Dance Fitness classes are amazing, came home on cloud 9 and feeling amazing! Everyone feels better for Shaking it!"

Fit Girl

Amy Burke

"Absolutely loved my first Shake class, left feeling so uplifted and energised in both my body and mind. Can't recommend this class enough if you need to Shake off your day, need a pick me up or want to feel better in yourself!"

Woman in Yoga Studio

Liz Morris

"Wow what a way to shake off any blues! The class offers a really good workout and most importantly is SO much fun! Looking forward to the next class so I can SHAKE it!"



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Tel: 07598 430454

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