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Što obuka uključuje?

Dakle, rado biste se pridružili kao Shake instruktor, što je potrebno?

Naš program obuke je jednostavan, jednostavan za praćenje i isključivo je na mreži, što znači da je odmah dostupan.

Uštedite vrijeme i troškove putovanja, učite u svoje slobodno vrijeme o svom životnom stilu i primite svu podršku koja vam je potrebna za pokretanje predavanja.

>WHEN AND WHERE IS THE NEXT GROUP IN-PERSON TRAINING? Please keep an eye on our social media for announcements. When in person training dates are released they will be listed at

>HOW MUCH CAN I EARN AS A SHAKE INSTRUCTOR? Being a Shake instructor can be a lucrative side hustle or a full time job! Our business model examples may give you an idea of the amount you could potentially earn as a Shake instructor; these are true statistics taken from current Shake instructors: Example 1: 29 CLIENTS PAYING £5.50 PER CLASS = £159.50 -£10 hall hire =£149.50 for just 45 minutes work Example 2: SHAKE INSTRUCTOR LAUNCHING FIRST SESSION 19 CLIENTS @ £5.50 PER SESSION = £104.50 =£2.32 A MINUTE! Example 3: 2 x SHAKE CLASSES PER WEEK 40 X BOOKINGS @ £6.00 = £240 PER WEEK £240 x 5 WEEK MONTH = £1200 PER MONTH FOR 2 X 45 MINUTE SESSIONS A WEEK! ALL FOR JUST £0.66 A DAY!

>HOW LONG DOES THE ONLINE TRAINING TAKE TO COMPLETE? Our online Shake training program is extremely flexible and you have 60 days to complete the Online training. Consider how long it may take you to learn three of our first class choreography routines and to choreograph two of your own. Reading the manual and completing the online test are both relatively short tasks.

>WHICH TRAINING IS FOR ME? ONLINE OR IN-PERSON? If you need the flexibility, our online training is for you. With 60 days to complete the training, you can dip into the training as and when you can and wish, meaning you can train around a full time job, around children or even during the weekends. You can also train from anywhere in the world this way, as long as you have access to a laptop, computer, tablet or mobile! Save on travel expenses, time, and learn at your own pace. If you would prefer to get the training under your belt all in one day then our in-person training is for you. It lasts 6.5hours and if successful, at the end of the day you'll be driving home with a Shake instructor certification in tow! Our in-person face-to-face trainings also offer the opportunity for you to meet other instructors, giving you valuable networking opportunities too!

>ONCE I RECEIVE MY CERTIFICATION, AM I TIED IN TO A CERTAIN AREA OR POSTCODE? Absolutely not, you will be your own boss and decide your own locations and times! You are welcome to use your certification as much as you like, lauching as many classes as you like, and therefore reaping as many profits as you like! Shake, By Samantha™ classes can be a full time job, a once a week side hustle or a few times a week opportunity.

>WHAT DOES THE ONLINE TRAINING INVOLVE? Start by signing up to our Online Training, you will have 60 days to complete. Download your Shake Training manual and learn everything you need to know about the Shake, By Samantha™ brand, including our ethos, aims, values and more! Take part in a Shake class by downloading our 'First class choreography' video. Pick 3 of your favourite routines, use the choreography notes provided to help you learn them. Choreograph 2 of your own routines, using the tips given in the training manual. Download our checklist to ensure you are ready before submitting your 5 videos across. Sit our open-style knowledge-of-the-brand test. If you're successful you will receive your certification via email. You are then welcome to sign up to either our Standard monthly package or our Premium monthly package in order to use our brand and launch your classes! Hurrah, we can't wait to have you onboard! P.S if you sign up to the Premium monthly package, don't forget to send us your class information across so we can list your sessions on our professional website.

>WHAT DOES THE IN-PERSON TRAINING DAY INVOLVE? The day will start with an introduction to Shake, By Samantha™. You will then get the opportunity to take part in a Shake class, held by your trainer, to fully experience our branded classes and what we're all about! Following a short coffee break, your trainer will guide you through our training manual, presentation style. Lunch break will bring the opportunity for you to shop our merchandise at discounted prices! During the afternoon, we get creative juices going with our choreography section, working in groups to create routines. The day rounds up with an open, presentation style test of knowledge on the brand; recapping everything taught throughout the day. Our live question and answer session will then give you the chance to ask any pressing questions face-to-face. If successful, you will receive your Shake certification, and a super exciting bundle to take home to help you on your way to launch your classes! From a fun training day you will reap the benefits for years to come!

>ARE PROPS REQUIRED? No, props are not required for Shake, By Samantha™ classes, great news for you! Why is this great news? -There are no costly outgoings on props - No need to store any props - No carrying props to and fro to classes - No cleaning of props - Little set up time Please note you will need appropiate insurance, a music licence and a music speaker.

>DO I NEED ANY PREVIOUS TRAINING IN DANCE OR FITNESS? No, our Shake instructor training is inclusive of all, just like our classes! You are not required to have any previous fitness or dance qualifications to become a Shake, By Samantha™ instructor. However, we do advise that you continue your development in the fitness industry. Where dance training will certainly help, it is not essential. You will however need to have some flair when it comes to choreographing routines and working with people as-well as a love for dance and fitness.

What does in person training involve?
Online training-what does it involve

>ONCE I HAVE MY CERTIFICATION, CAN I USE MY OWN CHOREOGRAPHY? We believe our Shake instructors should be able to put their own stamp on their classes! At the end of the day, the instructor must enjoy the class and routines to help their clients enjoy the class and routines! We give a structure, choreography ideas in our trainings, and provide choreography monthly to certified instructors. However, these routines can be adapted to suit you and your clients, as long as they stick to our brand ethos/aims/values/style. For example, with a brand new class you may want to simplify routines, once clients get used to the style you may then incorporate more challenging routines to keep them on their dancing toes!

>DOES THE TRAINING GAIN ME A QUALIFICATION OR A CERTIFICATION? Our Shake, By Samantha™ training gains you a certification not a qualification.

>WHAT QUALITIES ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN FRANCHISEES? Some traits of a great fitness instructor include strong communication skills, the ability to motivate and inspire clients, a deep knowledge of fitness and exercise science, adaptability to clients' needs and abilities, and a positive and encouraging attitude. Additionally, being attentive to clients' safety and maintaining a professional demeanor are important qualities in a great fitness instructor.

>CAN I VISIT LOCAL SHAKE CLASSES? Of course! Shake is a community and we are all out to help each-other. So attending other Shake Instructors classes is a great way to show support, to be inspired and to keep motivated for your own sessions! We love when our Shake Instructors support one another,  whether that's using our Chat forum to discuss choreography, songs, or admin ideas or talking within our Facebook groups. We believe at Shake that the best ideas come to life when you brainstorm with others.

>WHAT SUPPORT WILL I RECEIVE? At Shake, support is only a message away, whether that's popping us an email, heading over to the chat forum, instructor Whatsapp/Facebook groups or giving us a call. Each month you will receive new music ideas, new dance choreography, tips to keep your classes running successfully and lots more!

>HOW DO I FIND THE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR INSTRUCTORS? Copy and paste the following into your web browser: Or Search for 'Shake Instructors Private Group' Please note, only on signing up to our online or in-person training will you be accepted into the private Facebook group.

>WHAT IS THE INCENTIVE PROGRAM? If you refer a friend to one of our trainings and they successfully certify and sign up to one of our monthly memberships, you will receive discount on your own monthly membership, it's a win win!

"Ne trebamo biti savršeni, samo trebamo početi..."

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